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Levy Restaurants at the WTC Events Center:

Our specialty is contemporary cuisine with a touch of "Brazilianness", typical menus with selected traditional ingredients and that stand out for their flexibility and personalized service. We offer various types of pre-set menus for each type of service, but whenever we see an opportunity for innovation or even when requested by the customer, a unique new menu is created.

Learn a little more the Levy Restaurants history:

The Levy Restaurant was founded in 1978 in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. From a single delicatessen, the business grew and became the brand "Levy Restaurants", a market leader in the sports business and entertainment in the United States, with more than 120 locations providing world-class experiences in events and places such as the Grammy, the sports arena of the Barcley's Centre, STAPLES Centre, the US Open and Copa America tennis tournaments, to name a few. By joining the Compass Group in 2007, the Levy brought its innovation and the best market practices and began to apply them to operations in the UK and Europe, including the O2 arenas in London and Berlin, the Chelsea Football Club, the Barbican Centre, the Excel Centre, Wimbledon, the O2 World, the Aviva Stadium, and the TELE2 Arena. With the WTC São Paulo, the first in South America, the Levy continues to expand globally. The WTC is the perfect partner for Levy present the "Levy Differential Advantage" to guests while providing the WTC "Differential Advantage Partnership". The two organizations are known for the international standard of its operations and the desire to offer a unique hospitality experience. Therefore, the partnership between the WTC and the Levy allows the visions shared between these brands result in even better quality experiences, innovation and international class. The Levy Restaurants brand can sustain these aspirations because, despite its growth throughout its history, it has never lost its identity as restaurateur. Everything we do in our operations is focused on guests or attendees to provide you a unique experience where they least expect it. The obsession with detail is what allows us to grow and provide world-class experiences in various places.


L’Atelier is open daily for lunch from Monday to Sunday, focusing on Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant also hosts social, gastronomic and business events, as well as concerts and live music.

To offer agility for your event, we have partners who provide excellency in the services the render, certified by the WTC Events Center. Get your quote directly from the suppliers.

The WTC Events Center also offers other additional services:

• Musical Attraction: Surprise your guests with a musical attraction at your event! You'll certainly create a much cozier and intimate ambiance! Watch a musical performance of our musician Bariccelli, specialized in Brazilian Music.

• Free publicizing of your event through the WTC Events Center channels: If you want to rely on the channels of the WTC Events Center (website / social network / others) to publicize your event, please contact the Marketing Department. Contact: Gabriela Amorim + 55 11 3055-8978 /gabriela.amorim@sheratonsaopaulowtc.com.br.

• Donation of Banners: The WTC has a social responsibility program with an active project for the reuse of banners. If your event is to discard the used banners and canvases, let us know so that we may collect and forward them for reuse ant the Brazilianas NGO, which will transform the material into eco-friendly bags.

• EyeMotion: The WTC Events Center offers, for your convenience, a specialized partner in set design and assembly of booths. The EyeScenery, a simulator of events, allows for the digital customization of the function of rooms in the WTC Events Center complex. It is possible to customize the environment manually by entering set design as stage and background stage, furniture such as dining tables and auditorium chairs, or automatically by entering the number of people and the type of furniture. So, the system generates a plan with all the settings of the event, in real time. For more information, contact the SP Group - Set Design - Contact: CecC-lia Andrade +55 (11) 3883-6442 / 11 94731-2449 / ID: 35*26*95490 or cenografia.wtc@spgroup.com.br.

• Holography: The WTC Events Center installed a holography system in one of its rooms. It's a never seen before initiative! The system now becomes much more accessible since the devices are fixed in the room, without the need for assembly. You can have a speaker virtually presenting on the event stage, including in real-time; have a logo on, an object or a product displayed holographically; or a holographic attraction (music / dance / effects) during the event. For more information, contact the SP Group - Set Design - Contact: CecC-lia Andrade +55 (11) 3883-6442 / 11 94731-2449 / ID: 35*26*95490 or cenografia.wtc@spgroup.com.br.

• Urban resort We invite you to get to know the Urban Resort. It has a tennis court, soccer filed, golf court and numerous activities that make the WTC complex a strategic point for unique experiences for groups and attendees of your events.

• Airport Bus Shuttle Service: The WTC Events Center is on the route of the Airport Bus Service, executive coach with connection to the Guarulhos Airport. Learn more here: http://www.airportbusservice.com.br/ The new line of Airport Bus Service offers a free executive shuttle bus with schedules and flexible routes from the Guarulhos Airport to the main points in São Paulo, including the WTC complex.

• Sustainability: In partnership with the Neutralize Carbono Company, emissions of greenhouse gases related to the administrative activities of the WTC Events Center office are neutralized. The convention center encourages its customers to adopt this practice during events that take place here. For prices, contact: Phone: 11 5041-1430 – E-mail:wtc@neutralizecarbono.com.br

• Generators – Kiyoshi generators – Contact: + 55 (11) 99624-9694 / 94789-5864 / 3465-0605 / 0626 / 45*12*58739 contato@kiyoshigeradores.com.br

• Lining – All In Eventos – Contact: +55 (11) 2361-5144 ou contato@allineventos.com.br /robert@allineventos.com.br

• Set design – SP Group – Contact: Cecília Andrade +55 (11) 3883-6442 / 11 94731-2449 / ID: 35*26*95490 ou cenografia.wtc@spgroup.com.br

• Promotional gifts – Formato Promocional – Contact: +55 (11) 3045-4458 – Email:formato@formatopromocional.com.br

• Heliport – Net Air - Contact: Elana ou Luiza - (11) 3043-7980 ou (11) 99167-9809 - E-mail: luisa@netairhelicopteros.com.br

• JP Salva - Walter Ferrarezi (Commercial Manager) – 5543-3388 / 7838-8897 e Reginaldo Miravete (Manager of Operations) – 5543-3388 / 98978-7639 - E-mail: comercial@jpsalva.com.br

• Parking - Auto Vagas: Tel.: 11 3043-7132/33 – E-mail: wtc@autovagas.com.br

Attend you event without worrying about your transfers. Stay in a 5 star hotel and enjoy all the comfort and convenience.

The WTC Complex have many facilities and services at your disposal.

Parking: 1,700 covered parking spaces and valet service. CENU, a complex annexed to the WTC, has over 3,700 spaces with covered access to the WTC Events Center.

Heliport: Located at the Sheraton WTC Hotel São Paulo, the heliport works daily, from 07 am to 11 pm. Net Air Management: 3043-7980.

Restaurants: The food court of the D&D Shopping, annex to the WTC Events Center offers about 20 dining options. Next to the WTC complex (under the same roof), there is the Cenu - United Nations business center which also has a food court with a variety of menu options. Located in the Lobby of the Sheraton WTC Hotel São Paulo, the Restaurant L'Atelier offers a buffet and an C la carte menu with contemporary cuisine options. Within the complex WTC São Paulo, the Club A, one of the finest clubs of São Paulo, offers a varied program, accompanied by a fine cuisine (reservation required).

Banks: Bradesco, Bradesco Prime, ItaC:, Santander, HSBC and Citibank.

Other services within the WTC complex: Printing bureau, Lottery, Money Exchange Agency, Travel Agency, Library, Digital Services, Drugstores, Optical Retail Store, Laundry, Hair Dresser, clothing and footwear in general.

Services available close to the WTC Events Center: D&D Decoração e Design Center, Shopping Eldorado, Shopping Iguatemi, Shopping Cidade Jardim, Shopping Morumbi, Shopping Market Place, Shopping NaC'C5es Unidas, Shopping JK Iguatemi, Congonhas Airport, Guarulhos Airport, Train Stations - Berrini, SPTURIS and SPCVB.

The complex offers top notch programs for corporate events

With a mindset on the corporate events market, the WTC Events Center complex / Sheraton WTC Hotel São Paulo invests on the concept of Urban Resort. The complete infrastructure of the WTC Events Center makes the area the ideal place to host participants of international conferences and large national conventions and events of many different sizes. 60 flexible areas for hosting your events. In addition to the entire structure, the complex is also at a strategic spot surrounded by leisure, shopping, cuisine, design, business and differentiated experiences in a radius of up to 8 km.

To meet this demand, the complex WTC Events Center / Sheraton São Paulo WTC triggered partners and now offers customized packages for the corporate sector.

The hotel has its won bike rack and can also offer tours and activities with the use of bikes. Another suggestion is differentiated tours the sights of the city with bus and luxury helicopters can choose to set or customized itineraries, including points such as Parque do Ibirapuera, EstC!dio do Pacaembu, PraC'a da SC), Avenida Paulista and Museu do Ipiranga. There are also other possibilities with several partners.

The space is ideal for the success of any type of event, with various options of menus, rooms, suites and schedules, studied and prepared according to the needs and characteristics of each client. The Sheraton WTC Hotel São Paulo offers several services that meet all the needs of guests. Its infrastructure is comprised by Sheraton Fitness (gym), swimming pool, business center, heliport and the best services of international hospitality such as In Room SPA and In Room Fitness, Pillow Menu, its own Bike Rack - Bike It, agreements with partner restaurants, among others.

Internal selective waste collection: Special bins for selective waste collection are installed in the departments of the WTC Events Center encouraging employees to separate waste residue.

Re-purposing of banners: WTC keeps a partnership with the NGO As Brasilianas, which encourages event planners to re-purpose discarded banners and canvases after their events. They are then donated to a cooperative and then transformed into eco bags.

Earth hour: The WTC Events Center takes part in the Earth Hour global event by turning off the maximum amount of lights for one hour on the specific date and time.

Carbon neutralizing: In a partnership with Neutralize Carbono, the WTC Events Center offers its customers the opportunity to neutralize the carbon emitted by the activities resulting from the events they hold through the acquisition of carbon credits related to projects approved by the UN, to fight the the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In turn, The WTC Events Center already neutralizes its operation.

Water reuse: 25% of the water used in the WTC Complex is reused in toilets, garden irrigation, in the air conditioning system and the cleaning of external areas through the reuse system.

Generators: The Complex offers, for internal use, generators that produce clean energy preserving the environment.

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Av. das Nações Unidas, 12.551
Brooklin Novo, São Paulo - SP

The WTC Events Center is located in the Berrini region, 6 km from the Congonhas airport and 36 km away from Guarulhos.

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