Your world happens here

With amazing infrastructure and personalized service, our brand is the guarantee of success for events.

The “Your world happens here!” philosophy reflects the mission of the WTC Events Center in ensuring the quality of each event performed in the area. With professionals dedicated to understanding the concept of every occasion, and thus always offering the best conditions for the clients, the WTC Events Center stands out for its variety of rooms, formats, and it’s ideal to host international conferences, business meetings, concerts and sports tournaments. This feature makes that the WTC Center is perceived as one of the best places for events, and ensured a distinguished place in awards (Fortune magazine, Quatro Rodas Magazine, Caio Awards) as the best of Brazil in its category.
Integrated to the Sheraton WTC Hotel São Paulo, and an integral part of WTC São Paulo (located in the Berrini region, 6 km from the Congonhas airport and 36 km away from Guarulhos), the WTC Events Center is an area that, together with the hotel, comprise the most complete complex for events in Latin America. The synergy with the other units in the WTC São Paulo complex is another advantage offered by the area, as it provides easy access to the large area of the complex, such as the hotel, the restaurant and other services.


Here you will find the complete solution for your event. Flexible spaces, prime location, service and convenience to ensure the success of your project.

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